17 March

Coronavirus COVID-19 Vocabulary

This glossary of terms related to coronaviruses and COVID-19 in particular is intended for learners of English though it may be of interest to a wider audience. In times of crisis, knowing and understanding …

17 February

Quiz 1

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24 December

DO vs. BE

DO VS. BE: ARE YOU CONFUSED? DO YOU NEED HELP? Even my intermediate level students still struggle with knowing when to use Do and when to use Be in questions.  It’s time to review. …

23 December

Winter Holidays Around The World

Winter Holidays Around the World – Culture and Vocabulary Lesson Holidays are special days for the people of one nation or culture, which are set aside by the law or …

22 December

Take and Bring

What’s the difference between take and bring? A lot of English learners have a problem with this. Here’s the answer: Bring We ask people to bring things to the place …