05 September

7 Tips for Learning English Vocabulary

7 Tips for Learning English Vocabulary – Read whenever possible. Write down new words.
Vocally practise new words.
Visually remembering words.
Play word games online and look up the meanings of new words.
Use new words regularly so that you don’t forget them.
Correspond with an English pen friend.

04 September

Advanced Collocations

The further information on this page may be of interest to advanced students and teachers. The “father” of collocation is usually considered to be J.R. Firth, a British linguist who …

04 September

Common Collocations

In this blog post, you can find a few shortlists of common collocations to give you more of an idea about them.

04 September

Collocations 1

Why learn collocations?
Your language will be more natural and more easily understood.
You will have alternative and richer ways of expressing yourself.
It is easier for our brains to remember and use language in chunks or blocks rather than as single words.