1. Watch the movie with subtitles.

2. Read the script aloud, sentence by sentence.

LA PAZ FAMILY – Transcript

La Paz family live in Mahwah, a small town in New Jersey, about 45 minutes Northwest of New York City on the east coast of the USA.

Jerry and Michelle have four children:  three sons and one daughter.  Amanda, who is at high school is their eldest child. Gerald is 12 and Jeremy is 7. Their youngest son Julian is 4 years old.

The family have two guinea pigs called Bart and Spider Pig.  The family have lived in Mahwah for 14 years. Before moving to their four-bedroom house nine years ago, they lived in an apartment.  Like many families in the United States, Jerry and Michelle come from very different cultural backgrounds. Jerry’s parents, Victor and Lola, live nearby. My name is Lola Paz.  My name is Victor Paz. We come from Lima, Peru. Jerry was also born in Lima but in 1978, when he was 13 years old, his parents made the difficult decision to move to the United States.

The family had five children and hoped there were more jobs and opportunities in the USA.  Today Jerry Works in a hospital. I work at the Valley Hospital as an information system technician.  I’ve been working there for the past… almost seven years now.

And this being… not only a … pretty much of a rewarding job at all, so… I have…learned a lot from….. from the… business point of view.

Michelle was born in the US but her birth parents were from the Philippines.  She was adopted by an Irish American family when she was just six days old and she grew up in the New York area.  Well, I was born in the now-closed Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City in the early seventies and I was given up for adoption when I was six days old. My biological parents are Filipinos from the Philippines and because I was born in New York, that makes me Filipino-American, and my adoptive parents are Irish-American. This is like… my great-grandparents came over from Ireland and that the grandparents and then my parents were possibly born here, in New York.  Michelle isn’t working at the moment. She stays at home to look after the kids.  I used to work outside the house. Years ago I worked in the Garment District in New York for a women’s clothing retailer for about 7 years but the economy changed, so I lost my job. So, I’ve been home with the kids for the last couple of years.


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